News - 6/6/2017

Welcome to the very first Official Update for 2017!

Provision closed out 2016' with an Exclusive Live Performance in Riverside,
California on Black Friday at Club Metro's Anniversary Party where they put
on an amazing show, featuring their newest song "Afraid" for only the 2nd
time ever.
And just for the California fans, "Each Second Suffering" was pulled out of
the vault, and for the first time in 11 years, it was played live!

Breye and Ian returned home, and have continued to work on Provision's
upcoming 6th Full Length L.P. while performing their first 2 live shows of
2017' in Austin, Texas; and at home in Houston where they World Debuted
their cover of Camouflage's - "The Great Commandment".

The band is currently in the Pre-Production Stage of their still yet to be titled
Album #6, which they have code named "VI".

2 upcoming live shows in Houston are scheduled for June 10th and July 7th.

So please read on for the latest with Provision, as I am honored to bring you
the News once again, as delivered to me by the band itself.

Provision's First Single from Album #6 now has a Name

The Official Decision has been made! And I am so very proud to be the
one announcing here to the world first, that Provision's Forthcoming New
Single will be called "Afraid".

Afraid was the first song to be written together by Breye and Ian.
The response to Afraid since they began performing it Live, has been
phenomenal. The band feels very deeply that Afraid carries a universal
message. One that is so badly needed in our current world right now.

The Official Release Date of the Single has not been decided as of yet.

But I can relay to all of you, it will contain multiple B-Sides and Remixes.
This will be Provision's first proper single since the release of
"Ideal Warfare".

This is a Single that every Provision Fan will desire to own!

Provision Live with The Birthday Massacre at Scout Bar

Metropolis Records Darkwave Darlings - The Birthday Massacre
Return to Houston, Texas for their “Under Your Spell” North American Tour!
With Special Guests: Army Of The Universe and Provision!!

This is an All Ages Show, with Doors at 7:00 pm.
Please see the Live Section for Official Flyer and Info.

Advance Tickets are on sale at this link:

This promises to be an Incredible Evening of Darkwave, Industrial Dance,
and Darkpop, as The Birthday Massacre returns to Houston, with Army of the
Universe; and Provision!

Breye and Ian are Honored to be on this bill, and they have something very
special planned for those in attendance.

Album #6 - Code Name "VI"

As conveyed to me directly from the band, the official album track listing and
total track count, has not yet been decided. Breye and Ian currently have 14
songs that are going through pre-production.

Breye wanted me to be sure and relay to all of you, that all 14 of these tracks
may not make the album or the planned Single for "Afraid" as potential
B-Sides. As Breye stated to me "This is the nature of pre-production, and
nothing is ever set in stone."   

The band wants to stress how very hard they are working on the new album,
and promise to have it out this year; even though no official release date has
been set. Breye and ian want to make this the Absolute Finest Album that
Provision has ever released!

After 5 years of waiting, the guys feel very strongly in that all of their
devoted and beloved fans; deserve no less than the best!

Breye and Ian have assured me the official release date and info, will be
announced here first.  And I promise to bring all of you the news, as soon as
it's made available to me.

It's been a long wait. But if you've heard "Afraid" Live, and you've seen the
new lineup on stage; then you already know what I know. We are all waiting
for something that will be nothing short of amazing!

Provision covers "The Great Commandment"
by German Synthpop Legends - Camouflage

On May 3rd, exactly 10 days before their first show of the year at home in
Houston, Provision posted a live video on their Official Facebook page from
their studio.

This video featured Breye and Ian, at the helm of the console inside Red
Square Digital, and Camouflage's - "The Great Commandment" being played
in the background; with a simple post headline "Something very cool is
about to happen..."

Over the next week, posts made by Provision on their Official
Facebook Page, hinted at something coming from Provision and
Camouflage. Fans guessed at a possible remix, a tour, or a collaboration,
as Breye and Ian stayed tight lipped in regards to an answer.

On Saturday, May 13th 2017' @ "Electro Vibrations" the answer was revealed
when Provision surprised the crowd with their New Cover of "The Great

There were multiple fans in attendance who filmed the performance on
Facebook Live, and I have it from a good source that Provision was filming
their set with multiple cameras during the evening.

From the comments I've seen online, it was an incredible cover, and fans
were blown away, with some fans stating online "It was the absolute
highlight of the night!"

Breye stated during the event, this cover song will be recorded and is slated
to appear on Album #6. We can only hope this promise remains true, and we
see an official recording of this massively popular club classic by

New Live Video is Online

Breye has uploaded Live Video from Provision's First Ever Halloween Show
last October @ The Alley Kat in Houston, and Provision's First Show of 2017'
in Austin, Texas @ Elysium.

You can find these videos on You Tube, at Red Square Digital's Official
Channel here:
Red Square Digital  

Be sure and subscribe to the channel if you have a You Tube Account.
Or you can simply favorite the channel as a link, to stay updated on the
latest videos being produced at Red Square Digital.

In Closing

It goes without saying, the band has been through a lot in the past year.
More than many could probably handle.  Provision lost a core member of
7 years, and there was a point that none of us knew if Breye would ever
recover, much less carry on.

No one could have forseen Ian Sol coming into the band, diving in head first
and proving himself not only as a live member, but also as part of the writing
team; with his first co-contribution now slated as the upcoming New Single
"Afraid". How truly amazing this is!

This update is long overdue as is Provision's New Album.
But the strides that Breye and Ian have been making over the past year
since they first performed live as a New Duo in El Paso, Texas; have shown
just how hard they've been working for all of you - The Fans!!

This is going to be a monumental year for Provision!

Stay Tuned to the Official Website here, and as always be sure to go
and Like Provision's Official Facebook Page; as Breye and Ian post there

Until the next update.
Always yours in service.

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster