News - 11/21/2016

I have a very short, yet very exciting update for all of you.

I hope to have much more from Provision very soon, but for now.
Check it out!!

Alan Valcic / Provision Webmaster

Provision Returns to Riverside, California @ Club Metro

Southern California Provision Fans, the moment you have
all been waiting for, has finally arrived!

Friday, November 25th 2016 – Provision ‘Live” at Club Metro!

North America’s Specialists of Synthpop / Futurepop return to Riverside
(SoCal) for an Exclusive Performance on Black Friday for Club Metro’s
Reunion, and what will be the Final Live Show and Dance Club Event EVER
at Romano’s Concert Lounge; at this location.

With Special Guest DJ – Alex Transistor
(Part Time Punks/Depeche Mode Convention)

And your resident DJ’s – JEDI / MR.BUBBLE / RAYGUN / and

Provision has an Exclusive set list planned that you don't want to miss.
This live set will include a song that hasn't been played Live since
Provision's Visualize U.S. Tour in 2004', Classic Provision songs that have
NEVER been played Live in California; and the West Coast Premier of
the band's Forthcoming New Single!!

Check out the Official Flyer and get all the Information on this show
in the
Live Section here!

News - 9/7/2016

I am so very honored to bring you the latest news.


After a Spirit Journey across the U.S. in late April, to find himself again and
heal, Breye 7x returned home, having made the decision to forge ahead with

The band has a new lineup that debuted in their First Live Show Ever
in El Paso, Texas in July, and the band has an upcoming show in Houston on
September 18th 2016, where they will perform with Assemblage 23; and the
World Debut of San Antonio's Own - Violetta Crush.

Please read on as I have amazing news to share with all of you!

New Official Line Up Announced

As delivered to me directly, this is from Breye; and it goes out to all of you!

"I want to start off by saying Thank You all so much, to each and every one
of you who have stood by us over these last few months, and to those who
have continued to remain Devoted Fans; over the years.

All of you, are the reason we do this!

On July 6th 2016' I was Honored, to Announce the Official New Line Up of
Provision for 2016' and into the Future. The Announcement was made on our
Official Facebook Page.

Our New Lineup is as Follows:

Breye '7x' Kiser: Lead and Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Electronic
Percussion, Lyric and Music composition.

Ian 'Sol' Kiser: Synthesizers, Backing Vocals, Lyric and Music composition.

Our First Official Show together, was on Saturday, July 23rd 2016' as we
made our Live Debut in El Paso, Texas at Howie's Good Times.

This guy right here next to me in this picture, Ian Sol Kiser, completely Killed
It on stage in El Paso that night!! He now has his first show under his belt,
and he blew the roof off during our performance!

I think everyone is really going to Love what Ian brings to the band. He has a
New Energy. He's Young and Hungry, and he wants this! It truly invigorates
me, and brings a New Life into Provision; that I haven't felt in many years.

We have been working so hard on the new album, with Ian contributing to
the songs both lyrically and musically. We are moving into territory we have
never touch before. And we can only hope that all of you will love what we
are creating!

We will release a Brand New Single, and a Brand New Album;
before years end!!

We Love You All, so very much.  
And we can't wait to see all of you very soon!

Breye '7x' Kiser"

And that's the Official Word, from the man himself!
Provision is Back with a New Line Up, and a New Single and Album for 2016!!
I could not be more happy, to be able to report this incredible news
to all of you.

Provision to Perform in Houston with Assemblage 23

Sunday, September 18th 2016' @ Numbers Nightclub – Houston, Texas

Red Square Digital & Numbers Nightclub Presents:
Metropolis Records Recording Artist - Assemblage 23
On their ENDURE North American Tour 2016’

This will only be Assemblage 23's second time ever to perform in Houston.
They have an incredible history of their catalog, ready to perform on this
tour! You do not want to miss this event!!

With Special Guests:
Red Square Digital Recording Artist - Provision (Houston, TX)
Houston’s Own Futurepop Specialists!

Violetta Crush (San Antonio, TX)
Houston Debut Performance from San Antonio’s New Electro Duo!!

And: Dj Morbid (Klubstalkerz, CyberRot, Numbers)
Spinning an Exclusive Set of Futurepop, Synthpop, & EBM; before and in-
between the bands.

Please check out the
Live Section here for the Official Flyer, Web Links
and complete information regarding this event.

Provision returns to the studio to begin their 6th L.P.

Breye and Ian entered the studio at Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas in
August to begin recording vocal demos, for tracks that will appear on their
6th Album; tentatively set to be released before the end of 2016'.

I've been informed that 4 songs have already been recorded with vocals,
and there are multiple tracks contending to be the single; that will precede
the album.

Breye has stated with
the new material, that it has
moved almost completely
into the territory of

Once again, as with all
previous Provision albums,
the band has acquired new
vintage synths and drum
machines, that compose
the foundation, and shape the
sound; of what Provision's
next album will sound like.

Breye and Ian truly hope the fans will embrace the direction in which the
band is now headed, and they want everyone to know that this will truly
be the next level of evolution for Provision.   

Be sure to follow Provision on their Official Facebook Page, to catch
glimpses into the recording process; and their progress towards the new
album. The band members are known to post there often, with really cool
insights into the and; and what they're currently working on.

In Closing

I could not be more overjoyed in being able to present the latest news with
Provision, and the fact that the band is moving forward, despite all of the
unfortunate things that fell upon the band and Breye; earlier this year.
Breye has been through Hell, and he'ss emerged like a Rising Phoenix!

The level of excitement regarding the announcement of a new single and a
new album this year, is simply indescribable!  

Provision will perform live in Houston, marking their first show at home
with the new line up; on Sunday, September 18th 2016' at Numbers.
This is a show that is not to be missed! Please show your support by coming

Please give Provision some Love, and welcome Ian Sol to the band.
It will truly mean more to them that you can even know.

Until the next update, Auf Wiedersehen!!

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster

News - 4/11/2016

As Provision entered into 2016', the band kicked off the new year
with 2 incredible shows in Houston and Austin, Texas.

Both shows were Electric!! And Provision has been on Fire.
But it seems that circumstances beyond our control,
have put and end to that flame.

Please read on for the latest news with the band.
This was not an easy one for me to compose.

Seabound Show Thanks and Live Video

Provision would like to thank everyone who made it out to see them on
Sunday, February 28th 2016' at Numbers in Houston, Texas as they shared
the stage with Seabound (Germany).

The band was completely On Fire that night, as they kicked off the event
hosted by VJ Rob of
The New Beat and Carmina Bell of Underworld.

The band had 2 cameras running that night, and the full show has been
edited and uploaded to Red Square Digital’s You Tube page; which can be
found here:
Red Square Digital

Check out the Live footage and please feel free to share it online!!

SXSW Show Thanks and Thoughts

Provision performed in Austin, Texas on March 16th 2016' during the
Interactive Weekend portion of SXSW – South By Southwest. Provision was
honored to have this opportunity to finally perform during one of the biggest
music festivals and conferences in the United States!!

Once again, Provision was On Fire; and performed
an incredible set list for the crowd in attendance.

Breye stated that “The 2 shows we played this year thus far with Seabound
in Houston, and in Austin at SXSW; were 2 of the best shows that the band
has ever performed. And they are perhaps the greatest 2 shows ever
performed by the current lineup!”

Provision sends it’s utmost Gratitude and Thanks to Jessica Love and
Urbane Design, and all of the sponsors involved for hosting such a
wonderful event.  

Provision would also like to thank Reagan Jones of
Iris for coming out to
support the band in person.
Reagan is a great friend and a true supporter of Live Music.

Matt Willis Leaves Provision

It is with great sadness that I have been informed by Breye ‘7x’ Kiser that,
Matt Willis (Synthesizers, Vocals, & Electronic Percussion 2009’ to 2016’) has
decided to leave Provision. Matt's decision to leave Provision came very
suddenly and without any warning.
Matt’s resignation came in person to Breye on Friday, February 26th 2016 at
Red Square Digital, followed by Matt’s final 2 shows with the band which
followed on 2/28/16 in Houston, TX with Seabound; and on 3/16/16 at SXSW in
Austin, TX.

Regarding Matt's departure, Breye would like me to pass on the
following official statement:

“There wasn't a falling out, or any issues between Matt and I, that brought
about his departure. At least none I've ever been aware of, or that have ever
been made known to me.
Matt stated to me personally, he is "leaving to pursue other goals and
dreams". Whether these have to do with his other bands, which include
Splendor Projekt and Transcendent 7, or his wife and 4 kids; I can’t honestly
say. I did not ask, and these are questions that I cannot answer, and which
only he knows.
Since Matt's departure, the only further news he has shared, is that his
oldest daughter is headed off to college this year; and Matt would like to
spend as much time with her as possible before she leaves.

I thank him for his 7 years of faithful service to the band, and wish him the
best on this next journey that he will travel. His legacy though the Triad Era
of Provision (Paradigm Shift and A New Revolution) with myself and
Jen ‘Skully’ Kiser, will likely be unmatched; by anyone that has held his
position in the band!

Matt is one of the most talented musicians and writers that I know, and I will
always be honored that I got to work with him in Provision.”

Matt wrote a Goodbye Letter to the Provision Fans which can be found here:
Matt’s Goodbye Letter

Carlos Covarrubias Leaves Provision

I am also deeply saddened to bring you all the unfortunate news that
Carlos Covarrubias (Live Bass Guitar, Engineering, Marketing and
Promotions) also decided to leave Provision in March.  

His resignation came in an email to Breye on Sunday, March 20th 2016.
And Carlos Officially Resigned in a letter posted to his personal Facebook
page, just one day after Matt publicly posted his departure on his blog.

Regarding the loss of Carlos, Breye stated the following:

“In summary, Carlos's letter simply stated that “His plate is overflowing
and he no longer has time to perform with the band”.

I was not awarded the opportunity to speak to him in person, and
unfortunately this is all the information I was given.
Sadly, it is all I can pass on; to all of you.
I was completely shocked and grief stricken when I read the email.

Carlos has been a Live Member of the band, off and on since 2004’.
He is a great performer, and has always added so much to our live shows;
when he has been on-board.

Carlos helped engineer our 2nd and 3rd albums, and he’s always been a
valuable asset in the marketing and promotion of the band. Carlos will be
missed, and I can only wish him the best with his personal endeavors."

Regarding Provision and the Future of the Band

Matt's resignation in February, and Carlos’s decision to leave immediately
after Matt's Official Departure; moves the band in to very dark times right

Breye has written the following statement, for me to pass on to all of you.

“I cannot begin to express the amount of sadness I feel at this time. I am
completely heartbroken. We had such huge things we were working on,
including our New Single, and we’d been in talks of adding a New Member to
the band, who would fill the void left by Jen; when she retired from
Provision in December of 2012'.

With our New Single having been the combined work of Matt Willis and
myself; the future of this release is now up in the air; with Matt’s very
sudden departure from the band. Chances are, it will not see the light of day.

I felt so energized going into this year, with our first show of 2016 being at
home here in Houston, TX with Seabound from Germany; and then
performing in Austin, TX at SXSW - South by Southwest.

Both shows were near flawless for the band, and I had admonished both
Matt and Carlos with tons of praise for their work.
I seriously could not have been more proud of them both!

We were planning to press another new design of T-Shirts, and we were
planning to press new sticker designs; and buttons for 2016’.
So much positivity was about to happen.
And my world all came crashing down.
And sadly that includes the world of Provision for all of you.

So now I sit here in the studio at Red Square Digital, at a Crossroads.  
And I feel so completely defeated.
I feel lost. I no longer have clarity.
Should this be the end, or a new beginning?

Everything we have ever done, has always been for our fans.
For all of you, who have shown us your undying Love and Support
over the years.

To walk away, or to forge ahead? In the Absence of Light.
Whichever I choose, never forget that I Love You All; so very much!!”

Breye ‘7x’ Kiser / Provision

In Closing

Over the coarse of the last 5 years that I have worked for Provision, I have
never had to update the Official Website here with such sad news, even
though Jen 'Skully' Kiser's retirement; hit me very hard. But all of this was
just too much. I broke down in tears just reading it, over the weekend; when
it was sent to me.

Many of you may have been unaware of what has happened in the band,
as I myself also had no idea. I am not a fan of social media, so you won't find
me on roaming the internet on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

What can I say about any of this, except I know Breye is hurting
intensely; and needs all of you more than you know!!
Please keep him in your thoughts, during this dark time he has entered.

I know not, what the future holds for Provision.
I can only hope that this is not the end.

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster

News - 1/20/2016

Provision would like to Welcome Everyone to 2016!!

We have some exciting news to share with all of you, so please read on
for the latest with Provision; in this Brand New Year!

Provision Announces New E.P. for 2016

For those who follow Provision on their Official Facebook Page,
a special message was made on Christmas Day 2015. It stated:

"We would like to Officially Announce, that we will release a Brand New E.P.
in the Spring of 2016!!

The Lead In Single from the E.P. is called "Tonight".
And we can't wait for you to hear it."

Word from the band directly to me, is that the E.P. will also contain Exclusive
B-Sides and Remixes. No Official Release Date has been set, but I am sure
that many of you are as excited as I am; to get New Provision material in
your hands!

Breye and Matt have begun working on the New Single in the studio
Red Square Digital, and we should have an Official Update soon.

Provision's First Show of 2016 with Seabound

Provision is very honored to be performing their First Live Show of 2016 in
Houston, TX at Numbers, with one of the Finest Bands to ever come out of
the Futurepop & EBM Scenes - SEABOUND (Germany).

Also on the bill is NITE from Dallas, TX and Houston's Own
VJ Rob of The New Beat & Etro Lounge!

Please check out the
Live Section here, for the Official Flyer and all
important information and links.  

This is going to be an incredible night for Live Electronic Music, from
3 truly great bands; and one of the Best Synthpop VJ's out there.
You do not want to miss this event!

Provision to perform during SXSW in Austin, TX

The Band is extremely thrilled, to Officially Announce they will be
performing "Live" this year on Saturday, March 12th 2016 during SXSW -
South by Southwest; as it descends on the Capitol City of Texas!!

As stated by Breye:

"This journey that we have traveled as Provision has been an amazing one,
and we have experienced so many things, that we could've only ever hoped
or imagined we would. This journey is something that I am blessed every
single day of my life, to have been a part of.

But this is one goal, that we had yet to attain. And I am so very proud."

Provision is extremely excited to return to Austin, TX after 2 years.
And they cannot wait to meet new fans, and make new friends, during
their time at SXSW; on the weekend of March 12th 2016.

Please check out the
Live Section here, for Official Flyer and all
important information and links.

In Closing

I am very excited to hear about the New Single E.P. forthcoming,
from Provision.  

What can we expect in sound, style, and direction? I don't have any
description from the band as of yet. But I believe all Provision fans
worldwide, will agree that new material is very highly anticipated.

As always, the band thanks each and every one of you
for your continued love and support!

New updates coming soon, as I get more information from the band.


Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster