News - 11/17/2015

Provision would like to apologize for their extended absence on the web,
here on their Official Website this year.

In the Spring of 2015, control of the Official Provision Website was lost for myself
and Breye '7x' Kiser, due to a credit card theft and a subsequent billing issue with
our registrar and web hosting services.  

The site then went down for 72 days, and before it was recovered and restored.

Our sincere Thanks goes out to all of the Provision fans around the world who have
been patient. The Band and I Love All of you so very much!!

Please read on for the latest with the band, in the First Official Update of 2015!

Provision Returns to San Antonio, Texas

On Saturday, December 5th 2015, Provision will return to San Antonio for the first
time in 2 years! 3 of Texas Hottest Dark Synth / Electronic Rock Bands come
together on the same stage, for a night you definitely don't want to miss.

Provision will Debut 3 songs on this night, that have NEVER been performed Live
in San Antonio, Texas!! This is a show that the fans in San Antonio and surrounding
towns and cities definitely should not miss!   

Doors at 8 pm. There's No Cover charge, and this is a 21 and Up Show.
Please see the
Live section for full information and Official Flyer with
Facebook event page link to RSVP.

The guys are so extremely excited to return to San Antonio, and they can't wait to
see all of their fans and friends out on this Saturday night in December.

A New Single for Provision? A 6th Album?

In speaking with Breye in regards to new material and what we can expect from the
band in the future, he has told me that the band has a few tracks they have been
working on towards the next album they may develop into a single E.P.

Breye has stated that "No solid decision on the next direction of Provision, has been
decided upon in the group as of yet. We have a handful of things in discussion, and
which one of those we decide upon will hopefully come to light before the end of

As always, the Official Website of Provision is your best source of direct information
regarding the band; and what decisions they come to.

And I will make any news I receive, a priority to those who come here to stay
informed on Provision.

In Closing

I feel that everyone, including myself; hopes to see a New Single and a New Album
in 2016 from Provision. Obviously the loss of Jen 'Skully' Kiser in 2012, has been
something the group has needed time to move past.

What we see from the group in the future, may be something completely new;
that no one is even prepared for in sound, style, and direction.

As always, the band thanks you for your continued love and support!
It is you, the fans out there across the world who keep the band alive.
You are the reason they do this!

Until the next update, take care of yourselves.

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster