News - 11/23/2014

Provision has been very busy since August, having performed again in
Houston, Texas with New Wave Legends - A Flock of Seagulls in September
and producing a remix for their friends
Vain Machine - Los Angeles based
Futurepop / EBM.

Provision plans to begin work on their upcoming 6th album due out in 2015, and
returns to Numbers as direct support for Negative Gain Artist - Mr. Kitty (Austin, TX)
the night before Thanksgiving in Houston.

Please read on for the latest news, and we hope you all enjoy the upcoming
Holidays with your families and friends.

Provision Remixes Vain Machine

Los Angeles based Futurepop / EBM artist Vain Machine recently signed to
Analogue Trash Records in the U.K. Upon release of their first single "Push",
they asked Provision to produce a remix to appear on the upcoming release.

Provision spent late August and early September at
Red Square Digital in Houston,
Texas producing a remix built strictly for the dance floor in classic radio edit fashion.
Vain Machine were thrilled with the end result, and extremely happy with the remix
that Provision delivered as the deadline came up.

Unfortunately Provision's remix was not selected to be on the release, which was
solely the label's decision. Vain Machine has since released the Provision Remix
of "Push" on their ReverbNation page which you can find here:


Please check out Provision's take on Vain Machine's First Official Single - "Push"
at the link above, and share it with your friends. Also feel free to add Vain Machine
on Facebook and purchase their first single here:


Provision to begin working on 6th album in 2015

Recent upgrades have been made at Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas where
Provision records exclusively, and will be complete by years end. Breye, Matt, and
Carlos already have a handful of tracks they've been working on; and discussions
have begun on the process in which they will continue to write and record their
upcoming 6th album code named - "VI".

The band is planning to release the first single from their next album, in the first
quarter of 2015. The band has just informed me the single is slated to be released
both on vinyl and C.D.

The first single has already been written, and a demo version has been recorded.
Provision will continue to refine the single as it goes though pre-production in
December; and then recorded for final production in the new year.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the name of the single,
and an official release date once it is finalized.  

Provision returns to Numbers in Houston with Mr.Kitty

On Wednesday, November 26th 2014; Provision will perform once again at Numbers
in Houston, Texas as direct support for Negative Gain Recording
artist -

If you are a Provision fan, and you caught the last 2 Houston shows with MY LIFE
WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, and then with A Flock of Seagulls; then you already
know that Provision played different set lists from their 5 album catalog at both of
these shows.

For this event on November 26th... Matt, Breye, and Carlos will be performing a set
that is completely different from either of their previous 2 shows. They've been
rehearsing some hits that haven't been performed live in quite some time, as well as
tracks from their newest album "A New Revolution".

The guys have also pulled the Octapads out of storage, which I was told have been
put away for the last year and a half. Provision has an incredible set planned
exclusively for this event, and this is a show that you do not want to miss!!

Please visit the
Live Section of this site for the Official Flyer, and everything you
need to know about this upcoming show in Houston.

In Closing

Provision's next live performance at Numbers on November 26th 2014, may be their
final love show of the year. If you have yet to see them this year, or if you are
looking to see Provision perform a truly unique and exclusive set; this is a show
you do not want to miss.

Please stay tuned to this site, and be sure to add Provision on Facebook for the
latest news; and to keep up with the guys!

As always, the band thanks you for your continued love and support!

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster

News - 8/20/2014

A short yet informative update.

Provision returns to Austin, Texas to perform alongside many of their favorite Texas
bands at the Texas Industrial Fest 4.0
on August 29th & 30th 2014.

Click in this flyer above or simply visit the
Live section of this website
for all the official details.

Wanna hang out with Provision this weekend? Well here's your chance!!

Provision's next Live performance will be this Saturday, August 30th, 2014 in Austin,
Texas at the 4th installment of the "Texas Industrial Fest".

Provision will perform on Saturday the 30th at 10:45 pm
on the Inside Stage.

A Full Schedule for this fest can be seen here:
Texas Industrial Fest 4.0 Schedule

@ The Historic Scoot Inn
1308 E. 4th Street
Austin, Texas, 78702

Provision will be playing alongside a ton of their favorite Texas bands and friends,
including Asylum Black, Ghost Format (World Debut!!), BIND.TORTURE.KILL, Mark
Ridlen, Heart Attak, Torque Order, Cyclic Vendetta, Asmodeus X, and SOLEMN
ASSEMBLY just to name a few!

Helltrash will headline Friday night and feature 2 guest members who are both
friends of Provision, Richard Hey of ERASETHEVIRUS and Michael Kreep Logan of

And Saturday night will be headlined by none other than
Decoded Feedback!! (From Canada on Metropolis Records)

Matt, Carlos, and Breye hopes to see a ton of their fans and Austin friends out this
weekend as they will be in attendance both nights.

As always, the band thanks you for your continued love and support!

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster

News - 5/20/14

Welcome to the first Official Update of 2014.

Provision has spent the last 5 months rehearsing and preparing for a ton of live
dates for the rest of the year, including a regional tour of the U.S. West Coast in July
and upcoming Midwest dates later on in the summer.

There's not a ton of news to report just yet, but Provision's first
Live show of 2014 is coming up in June! So read on for all the details and stay tuned
for more live date announcements in the very near future.

Provision 1st Live Show of 2014 with
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Saturday, June 7th 2014 Scout Bar - Houston, Texas.
Wax Trax Industrial Dance Electro Disco Legends...

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT return to Houston on their
"Spooky Tricks 2014 U.S. Tour" promoting their new album which was released on
May 6th 2014.

[DJ] Toxic Rainbow

And Special Guests: ERASE THE VIRUS (Houston, TX)
Provision (Houston, TX)

This is an All Ages Show with Doors opening at 8:00 PM.
Tickets are available for $16 in Advance or $20 at the Door on
the night of the show.

This will be Provision's first show of 2014, and they will be perfroming with their
Houston Brothers - ERASE THE VIRUS. The band hopes to see a ton of you out for
this killer bill of Dark Dance, Industrial Rock, and Electro Disco at Scout Bar! Please
check our
Live section for Official Flyer and all details.

In Closing

The band has a few tracks that they have been working on towards the next album,
but have not made any solid decisions on the direction, or if these few skeletal
demos will even be used.

I have been told the first few months of 2014 were somewhat rough on some of the
band members individually, due to family issues and personal matters. Despite this
adversity, the band has assured me they are moving forward and back on track, just
as they have done in the past during hard times.

Provision has plans to perform live quite a lot this year, and to finally make it back
out to many cities they haven't visited in some time.  
They are very excited to see the new fans, and their long time supporters.

As always, the band thanks you for your continued love and support!

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster