July 27th / Leo

Musical History:
Section 44 Recording Artist. Founding member of Avant-Garde Electronic
act Splendor Projekt. Writer for underground music webpage
Grave Concerns E-zine.

Bands and Music Industry Resume:

Splendor Projekt (2004 to Present) - Programmer, Keyboardist.

Provision (2009 to Present) - Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion,
Lead and Backing Vocals, Lyric and Music Composition.

Transendent 7 (2013 to Present) -  Lead and Backing Vocals,
Lyric and Music Composition.


Musical Influences:
Anything Box, Xymox, Depeche Mode, Information Society,
The Velvet Underground.

Visual Influences:
Andy Warhol, Michael Moore, Julien Temple, Anton Corbjin.

Favorite Movies:
Heart and Souls, The Breakfast Club, Hiding Out, Band of Brothers.

Favorite Synthesizers:
Ensoniq ASR- 10, Sequential Circuits Pro 1, Ensoniq TS-10, MicroKorg.

Favorite Colors:
Black, Silver, White.

Favorite Drink:
Arizona Green Tea, POM (Blueberry/Pomagranite).

Favorite Food:
Indian, Chinese, Mexican.

Favorite Cities:
Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, San Antonio, Tuls.a

Favorite Provision Songs:
My Only Question, Cruxified, The Only Thing, Deception, Innocence,
Love Like Machinery, I Lose Myself, Paradigm Shift, Visualize.

Most Memorable Provision show:
I'd say it would have to be the first time we opened for Anything Box at
Numbers back in April of 2010. It was such an amazing night on so many
levels. I'd also have to point out the show we did back in May 2011 at Numbers
with Clan of Xymox. That was another incredible night!  Playing The House of
Blues in Dallas and The Marquee in Tulsa was a lot of fun too.

Currently Listening to / Current Favorite Bands:  
Obscure by Degrees, Mirrors, Dark Phenomenon, Data, Christopher Anton,
Cabaret Voltaire, Story Structure, Sixth June, P.S. Personal.

Other Interesting Facts:
I am a Teacher and a Social Worker. I am interested in Learning the truth about
the Coup D’ ETAT that occurred in 1963, and I have always been fascinated by
history and world events. Aside from that, I am always seeking to further
my studies in human behavior.