How exactly is the Provision sound created?

When it comes to the synthesizer and drum machine sounds
that shape Provision's signature sound,
one must understand that Provision uses all
Hardware Sequencing and Midi.

There are no VST's, softsynths, or computer sequencing
software involved.

The basis of the Provision Sound is built on a system of sampling.
All of the sounds besides those that come from Midi slaved Synthesizers
and Drum Modules, come from a custom library that Breye began in 1996.

The Provision sample library is comprised from the
following Synthesizers & Drum Machines that Provision
previously or currently owns:

Akai XR-10
Alesis D4
Alesis SR-16
Arp Odyssey
Arp Solina
Casio CZ-101
E-Mu Procussion
Korg Monopoly
Korg Polysix
Moog MG-1
Moog Source
Novation Supernova
Oberheim Matrix 6
Oberheim OBXa
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland Juno-60
Roland Jx3p
Roland R-8
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Midi Slaved Synthesizers

Access Virus KC
Ensoniq ESQ1
Korg M1
Roland D-50
Roland System-8
Yamaha Cs1x
Yamaha Cs2x
Yamaha TG500 (X2)

Every sound in Provision's sampled library is a sound that was custom
made, and then sampled from the synthesizers and drum machines
listed above.

The above machines were sampled on an Ensoniq ASR-10.
These sounds are then loaded via floppy disc,
into Provision's Sequencer / Workstation; an Ensoniq TS-10.

Sampled sounds from the library are edited, effected, manipulated,
tuned and eventually sequenced along with various hardware synthesizers
(via Midi) to complete Provision's signature sound.

Provision also samples many sounds from other non synthesizer
sources and incorporates those samples into the music.

However, Provision has never sampled
other artists music; or used drum loops in their compositions.

Provision records exclusively at
Red Square Digital
in Houston, Texas.

Audio services include - Recording, mixing,
production, and remixing.

Visual services include - Video editing and production,
digital graphics design and layout.

Feel free to visit the
contact section of this site to inquire about
these services.