Jen made the decision to retire from live performances with the band. Jen will
continue to contribute to the writing of Provision's music, and make
appearances at selected shows in the future.

Birth date / Sign:
April 20th / Aries, Virgo rising


Musical history:

Always watching from the sidelines, it wasn’t until 2004 that I graced
the stage and my musical career began. Provision needed help, and so
myself and Randon teamed up with Breye to start rehearsing night and
day to get on the road for a US tour. What an unforgettable whirlwind it
was, and now with a slight blow to the PV lineup, I’ve found myself
wanting in on the Provision life once again. Here we go!


Currently my influences range from classics such as Gary Numan to such
greats like Cabaret Voltaire, early Ministry, Psyche and Skinny Puppy. I
also love the sounds of the Presets and Roisin Murphy; anything new
and rising with an edginess to it.
Fashion always inspires me as well.

Favorite movies:
John Carpenter classics such as Halloween and the Fog, Creepshow 1
and 2, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Coraline. A big Tim Burton fan as

Favorite synthesizers:
Sequential Pro-One, Oberheim Xpander, Minimoog.

Favorite colors:
Smoking Gun Metallic Blue, Black Varnish, White on White.

Favorite drink:
Ice cold water.

Favorite food:
Crunch rolls and Creamy Miso Salads forever.

Favorite cities:
Houston, Los Angeles.

Favorite Provision songs:
Devotion (Eternal), Cruxified, Sacrifice.

Most memorable Provision show:
Wichita, Kansas - December 1st 2004; arriving three hours late to play
every song plus an encore, to a small group of fans who danced right
beside us wanting more and more.

Currently Listening to / Current Favorite Bands:
Pankow, Angela Werner, Nitzer Ebb, Subverted Orpheus
Other Interesting Facts:
I enjoy hearing about the paranormal, UFO’s, the unknown. I’ve always
wanted to join a ghost hunting club, or just visit haunted places. I also
enjoy watching most of the Star Trek series but I wouldn’t call myself a
Trekkie; just a fan.