January 5th / Capricorn
Began playing guitar on my sisters family acoustic guitar as a kid. Got my 1st
strat type guitar made of Sears parts at age 17. Formed a makeshift group for a
school English project.  We took the name of “D.C. Shock Machine because
we thought use of a medical term was clever as a band name.

We stayed together long enough to write a track for the English project and to
play a party with me on bass. We did New Order, Depeche Mode, and
The Judy's covers.  

Many guitars later I sat in with Breye and then forming “U-N-I” as we worked
on new songs. Due mainly to scheduling we parted ways for a bit.
I gained experience in the promotional side of the business in high volume
national  nightclub chains, large market radio promotion, and marketing
management for bands. I continued to work on music and in December 2002 I
formed a three piece called “VOX” as the bands manager / singer / songwriter /
guitarist.  As “VOX” developed I began helping Breye and Provision with on
site retail sales, which led to overseeing the entire marketing for Red Square
Digital. From there I was asked to join Provision and tour as live bass guitarist.

Bands and Music Industry Resume:

Provision (2003 to 2007 / 2012 to Present) - Live Bass Guitar, Studio
Engineering, Marketing and Promotions.

Straynge (2007 to Present) - Vocals, Guitar, lyric and music composition.


Musical Influences:
The Cure / Robert Smith, The Clash, Cocteau Twins, New Order, Echo and the
Bunnymen, Flock Of Seagulls, INXS, The Smiths / Johnny Marr, Depeche
Mode, OMD, Prince, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, When in Rome, Yaz,
Seabound, The Cars, CTRL.

Creative Influences:
Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Wharhol, Tim Pope, Tim Burton.
MC Escher, Jose Covarrubias.

Favorite movies:
Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Tombstone, The Crow (Original).

Favorite guitars:
Gretsche White Falcon, Black Falcon and Tennessee Rose; Gibson ES-335;
Fender American Stratocaster, Precision Bass, and Bass VI.

Favorite colors:
Purple and Green.

Favorite drinks:
Coke, Dr. Pepper, Crown & Sour, Jim Beam, Dos XX's, Guinness Stout, Tecate,
Sol, Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi, El Jimador, Herradura Silver, Patron Silver.

Favorite foods:
Mexican, Italian, Any good grub thrown together late at night
for that midnight snack.

Favorite cities:
Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas.

Favorite Provision songs:
My Only Question, December Morning, Obvious, Breathe, Visualize,
Untrue, The Consequence, Fade, Someone Like You.

Most memorable Provision show:
September 7th 03 San Antonio, TX - Synth Fest at Communion & SiN13.
The passion for the music was there! It was great playing with and seeing all
the other bands, and meeting so many new friends.

Other interesting facts:
I draw, paint, and create visual graphic solutions in a variety of media.
I am almost completely ambidextrous. Although I play guitar right handed,
I'm primarily left- handed. I eat with both hands haha.......