Lyric and Music Composition.

Birth date / Sign:
August 7th / Leo

Musical History:
My father purchased my 1st keyboard for me at age 8 (a Casio).

I purchased my 1st synthesizer and drum machine at age 14.
That year I sequenced and composed my 1st electronic song called
"Circles". I began DJ'ing at 18.

Bands and Music Industry Resume:

Middle & High School Band (1987 to 1992) - Aux Percussion, Drum Line.

Underground Netwerk Intelligence (1992 to 2002 / 2011 to Present) - Vocalist,
Electronic Percussion, Lyric and Music Composition.

In Blue (1993) - Keyboardist, Backing Vocals, Programming.

Bamboo Crisis (1995 to 1998) -  Electronic Percussionist, Programming.

The Cellar Nightclub (1996 to 1997) - D.J., Manager, Bartender, Booking Agent.

Kathodik Records (1996' to 1999' / 2010 to Present) - Chief Officer, A&R.

The Mirror System (1997 to 1998) - Synthesizers, Producer.

Prominence (1998 to 1999) - Synthesizers.

Atomic Café Nightclub (2000 to 2001) - D.J., Booking Agent.

Red Square Digital (2000 to Present) - Producer, Engineer.

Provision (2000 to 2007 / 2009 to Present) - Lead and Backing Vocals,
Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion, Lyric and Music Composition.

Section 44 Records (2005 to 2010) - Co Label owner, A&R.

Christopher ANTON (2014 to 2014) - Live Electronic Drums and
Percussion, Backing Vocals.

I have performed as a live guest keyboardist with the Canadian
Electronica Band - Voice Industry.

I've performed as a live guest keyboardist, vocalist, and percussionist
with the German Synthpop band - Rename.

I continue to guest D.J. and promote in Houston, as I have since 1996.

Musical Influences:
Psyche, Xymox, The Human League, Red Flag, Anything Box,
Howard Jones, The Hunger, Pet Shop Boys,
Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Thompson Twins.

Keyboardist Influences:
Howard Jones, Alan Wilder, Roger O'Donnell

Favorite Movies:
9 and 1/2 Weeks, Tuff Turf, American Psycho, Valley Girl, The Breakfast Club,
Dangerous Liaisons, The Butterfly Effect, Dream a Little Dream.

Favorite Synthesizers:
Korg Mono/poly, Minimoog, Yamaha SY-85.

Favorite Colors:
Yellow & Red.

Favorite Drink:
Milk, Iced Tea.

Favorite Food:
Tomatillo Chicken Enchiladas, Sushi.

Favorite Cities:
Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Diego.

Favorite Provision Songs:
Illusion, Fade, Ideal, Neverending, Chemistry, Visualize, Replicate,
Destiny, Broken, The Consequence, Each Second Suffering,
The Persistent Rhythm of Before, Love Like Machinery, Paradigm Shift,
A New Revolution, Metamorphosis, Skin.

Most Memorable Provision show:
May 7th 2011 @ Numbers in Houston, TX with Clan of Xymox.

Currently Listening to / Current Favorite Bands:
Lost Years, Blaqk Audio, Nine Inch Nails, Slave Republic, GosT, Probe 7

Other Interesting Facts:
I am a husband and father, homeowner, and I am known for being
upfront, forward, and wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I own Kathodik Records and Red Square Digital
(Recording and production studio) in Houston, Texas.

I love electronic music, synthesizer sound design and sampling,
videography and video editing, music and video production, vinyl records,
and collectingC.D.'s and cassettes.

I'm also a huge fan of the current Retrowave / Synthwave / Dreamwave
scene in Electronic Music.

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