Provision Official Biography

Provision is a Dark Electronic Duo, from Houston, Texas.

In drawing comparisons to Red Flag, Code 64, Depeche Mode, Ministry (Twitch
Era), Camouflage, Nine Inch Nails (PHM), and Nitzer Ebb, frontman Breye 7x
began using the term “Darkpop” in 2012' to describe the band's unique style of
Synthpop with tinges of Dark Wave woven through Industrial Dance; while
crafting Dark Pulses that can only be described as The Provision Sound.

Provision has toured North America multiple times while sharing the stage with
Red Flag, Anything Box, The Human League, Clan of Xymox, T-4-2, When In
Rome, Cause & Effect, Imperative Reaction, A Flock of Seagulls, Covenant,
Seabound, Icon of Coil, System Syn, Assemblage 23, Cesium_137, The Hunger,
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Christopher Anton (Information Society), Velvet
Acid Christ, The Birthday Massacre, and many others...

Provision has performed live at many electronic music festivals including
Synthcon 2002, ADD2K4, ADD2K5, ADD2K6, SiNthetik Sk13s II, III & IV, Electro-
Nexus, Summer Synthpop Festival 2003, Synthfest 2004, Texas Industrial Fest
2010, TERRORBYTE 2011, as a vendor for A Different Drum at Convergence 10
(X), and as a performer at Convergence 19 (XIX).

In May 2002' Provision won "Best New U.S. Artist" in the American Synthpop
Awards at Synthcon 2002' in Los Angeles. In 2004' Provision signed a multi-
release record deal with A Different Drum, the largest Synthpop record label in
the world at the time. Provision was Nominated in 2011' and 2013' for "Best
Electronic Band" in the Houston Press Music Awards.

To date, Provision has released 5 L.P.'s and 4 E.P.'s, appeared on numerous
compilations; and produced numerous remixes for other electronic artists.
Provision has just completed the recording of their 6th Full Length L.P. to be
released in the Fall of 2018’.

Provision is: Breye Sevenex and Ian Sol.

Provision is recommended to fans of: Solitary Experiments, Code 64, Red Flag,
Depeche Mode, Xymox, Seabound, Erasure, Dead or Alive, Apoptygma
Berzerk, Camouflage, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction, Tears For Fears,
Blaqk Audio, Anything Box, Cause & Effect, System Syn, Nine Inch Nails,
Information Society, Covenant, The Frozen Autumn, New Order, Cetu Javu,
Ashbury Heights, and Seven Red Seven.

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The Story of Provision - From the beginning until now.

Breye and Leslie met in 1998 at a nightclub in Houston, Texas called ''The
Cellar''. Breye was the drummer for ''Bamboo Crisis'', and the singer for
''U-N-I''. Leslie played synthesizers and guitar for a local band called ''Wraith''.
After living in Chicago for a year, and then leaving Wraith and moving back
home to Texas, Leslie was hired as the lead keyboardist for U-N-I; where she
formed a song writing relationship with Breye.

Leslie and Breye created the idea of Provision, with the goal of producing a
more aggressive form of Synthpop that would include elements of Hi-NRG and
Industrial Dance also known as EBM.

Original demos were recorded on cassette tapes, that Leslie would listen to,
while travelling home to Houston; after visiting Breye in Austin. Breye moved
back to Houston in early 2001, and the first band rehearsals began with the
addition of Matt Coker on synthesizers and backing vocals.
Provision's very first recordings were uploaded to the web by a friend of the
band. Provision's music was self-described by their earliest fans on
as "Electronic Dance Music with an Edge" where the demos of ''Devotion'' and
''Sacrifice'' could be found.
Word spread heavily online as Provision's sound quickly drew comparisons to
Red Flag, Information Society, Anything Box, and Moskwa T.V. The high level
of fan interest resulted in multiple compilation appearances including
Synthphony Records "True Faith – A tribute to New Order" featuring
Provision's cover of "Vanishing Point", and Ninthwave Records "WXJL
Presents – Music for the Masses" inclusion of the song "Breathe", Provision's
first officially released original recording.

Provision self-released their first E.P. ''Innocence'' in March 2002, and in May
their debut album ''Evaporate'' was officially released at Synthcon 2002 in Los
Angeles, where the band performed live; and won "Best New U.S. Artist" in the
American Synthpop Awards.
March 2003 saw the band embark on their first U.S. Tour and they released their
2nd E.P. titled ''Devotion''. Multiple regional tours followed as the initial
pressing of Provision's debut album sold out.
In late 2003 Provision signed a multi release record deal with A Different Drum,
the largest Synthpop record label in the world at the time. 2004 saw the release
of Provision's 2nd album ''Visualize'' as a 2 C.D. Limited Edition featuring a 2nd
disc with remixes, and the B-Sides "Insecurity" and "Replicate".

The band released a 2nd pressing of their debut album ''Evaporate'' in
September, and embarked on their 2nd U.S. Tour in December 2004. Founding
member Leslie Hyman was unable to commit to a 2 month tour, only performing
on select U.S. dates; so new members Varien (Jen) Foxx and Charles M.
(Randon Harris) were brought on board as live touring members.

When the tour concluded, Jen Foxx became a permanent writing member of
the band, while Charles M. left to continue his solo project ''P for Flamingos''. In
the fall of 2005 the band recorded their 3rd album ''The Consequence'' and
signed a multi release record deal with new American Synthpop label Section
44 Records. ''The Consequence'' was released in March 2006.

The dual single ''Ideal Warfare'' followed in September. In 2007 Breye and Jen
made the decision to take a permanent hiatus from Provision, and begin a
family together. Although they continued to produce remixes and write new
songs from 2007 to 2009.

Breye and Jen, met Matt Willis of Splendor Project at an Anything Box concert
in Houston in 2008. This led to the resurrection of Provision, when Matt was
added to complete the official line up of the band in the winter of 2008. This new
Provision trio, began performing live again in 2009; and toured regionally while
writing their next album ''Paradigm Shift'' released on Kathodik Records in
November 2010.
Provision was Nominated in 2011 for "Best Electronic Band" in the Houston
Press Music Awards, and played many high profile shows into the next year
while working on their 5th album ''A New Revolution'' released in October 2012.
Jen retired from Provision in December. In 2013 the band was chosen via a
selection committee, to perform at Convergence XIX (C19), North America's
largest and longest running dark music festival and conference.

Provision was again nominated in the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards for
"Best Electronic Band".

From 2013 to 2016, live shows and touring continued; but no new albums or
singles were recorded during this time. In March 2016 the band performed in
Austin, Texas at South by Southwest / SXSW in front of prospective record
labels and hundreds of attendees; for what is one of the largest music festivals
and conferences in the U.S. At the end of March, after 8 years with the band;
Matt Willis resigned from Provision to spend more time with his children.

In July 2016 Provision announced a new lineup on their Official Facebook
page, with Ian Sol joining as new keyboardist and backing vocalist.

Breye and Ian began working in the studio in August of 2016' to begin writing
Provision's 6th album and a preceding single to be released in 2017'

To date, Provision has released 5 L.P.'s, 4 E.P.'s, and appeared on numerous
compilations since 2001.

The band has also produced multiple remixes for other electronic artists.


Contributing Band Members - Past and Present

Current Members

Breye '7x' Kiser (2000–present) – Lead and Backing Vocals, Synthesizers,
Electronic Percussion, Lyric and Music composition.

Ian 'Sol' Kiser (2016–present) – Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion, Backing
Vocals, Lyric and Music composition.

Former Members

Jen 'Skully' Kiser (2004–2007, 2010–2012) – Synthesizers, Electronic
Percussion, Lead and Backing vocals, Lyric and Music composition.
Jen was a hired gun for the ''Visualize'' tour of 2004 / 2005 (under the
pseudonym Varien Foxx). She joined as a permanent member after the tour
ended in 2005 as Jen Foxx. Jen began contributing lyrically and musically to
Provision in 2005. In December 2012, Jen Officially Retired from Provision.

Matt 'Maddy' Willis (2009–2016) – Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion,
Lead & Backing vocals, Lyric and Music composition.
Matt joined Provision in 2009, and in 2010 he became part of the official writing
team. In March 2016, Matt Willis resigned from Provision; to devote more time
to his family.

Leslie Hyman (2000–2005) – Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion, and Music
composition. Leslie founded Provision with Breye, and then hired Matt Coker;
to complete the original line up. Leslie left Provision in September 2005, in
order to pursue a full-time medical career.

Matt Coker (2001) – Vocals, Synthesizers, and Lyric composition
on Provision's debut album ''Evaporate''.

Former Live Members are Listed on the Alumni Page.



Innocence (E.P. - 2002)

Evaporate (L.P. - 2002)

Devotion (E.P. - 2003)

Visualize (L.P. - 2004)

Could've Had It All (E.P. - 2004)

The Consequence (L.P. - 2006)

Ideal Warfare (E.P. - 2006)

Paradigm Shift (L.P. - 2010)

A New Revolution (L.P. - 2012)

Untitled Single (E.P.  - 2018)

Untitled Album (L.P. - 2018)  


Compilation Appearances

''True Faith – A Tribute to New Order'' (2001) – “Vanishing Point”
by New Order (Cover).

''WXJL Presents – Music for the Masses'' (2002) – “Breathe”.

''Elektrokuted – Metal and Rock Classic Revisited'' (2003) – “Lay It Down”
by RATT (Cover).

''A Different Drum – San Antonio Synthpop Festival 2003''
Promotional Sampler (2003) – “In Love”.

''A Different Drum – New Artist Sampler 2004'' (2004) – “Visualize”.

''A Different Drum – Convergence 10 Sampler'' (2004) – “Visualize”.

''A Different Drum – State of Synthpop 2003'' (2003) – “Illusion”.

''A Different Drum – Listen To The Future'' (2004) – “The Persistent Rhythm of

''A Different Drum – SLC 2K4 Official Bootleg'' (2004 – Live Festival)
“Could’ve Had It All”, and “Visualize”.

''A Different Drum – State of Synthpop 2005'' (2005) – “Visualize”.

''A Different Drum – Synthpop Club Anthems 4'' (2005) – “Could’ve Had It All"
(Daybehavior Remix).

''Section 44 – 4X4 Multi Single Vol #2'' (2005) – “Could’ve Had It All (CTRL
Remix)”, “Obvious (D.J. Dissent Remix), “Visualize (Bo City Club Mix by
Rename)”, and Flood of Emotion (Cloudless Remix).

''A Different Drum / Section 44 / Ninthwave Records'' (2006) – New Music
Sampler – “Someone Like You”.

''Section 44 – Sector One Vol #1'' (2006) – “Denial” (Exclusive B-Side)

''A Different Drum – What We've Done Lately'' (2013) - "Metamorphosis".

''Digital Recovery – Part 7'' (2013) - "A New Revolution".