Provision Biography

With 10 years of experience in former electronic acts under their belt, Hyman and 7x
(Kiser) chose to infuse elements of classic electronic dance (Hi-NRG, Italo disco),
industrial dance (EBM) and synthpop to create "The Provision Sound". Provision's
music was initially self-described as "electronic dance music with an edge".

In September 2012, with the coming release of their fifth full-length LP, lead singer
Breye 7x coined the term "Darkpop" to describe Provision's unique style of Edgy
Synthpop, Industrial Dance and Futurepop.

Provision toured the U.S. for their albums Evaporate and Visualize, and they’ve
established themselves as a credible and professional support act in the U.S.
electronic music scene having shared the stage with Red Flag, Anything Box, The
Human League, Clan of Xymox, T-4-2, When In Rome, Cause & Effect, Imperative
Reaction, A Flock of Seagulls, Icon of Coil, System Syn, Assemblage 23, Cesium_137,
The Hunger, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Christopher Anton (Information Society),
and many others...

Provision has performed live at many electronic music festivals including Gothcon II,
Synthcon 2002, ADD2K4, ADD2K5, ADD2K6, SiNthetik Sk13s II, III & IV, Electro-Nexus,
Summer Synthpop Festival 2003, Synthfest 2004, Texas Industrial Fest I, TERRORBYTE
I, Convergence XIX (19), and SXSW / South By Southwest 2016'.

Provision was Nominated in 2011 and 2013 for "Best Electronic Band" in the Houston
Press Music Awards.

Since 2002, Provision has released 5 L.P.'s and 4 E.P.'s, appeared on numerous
compilations; and produced multiple remixes for other electronic artists.

Provision is recommended for fans of: Solitary Experiments, Code 64, Red Flag,
Depeche Mode, Seabound, Mr. Kitty, Ashbury Heights, Assemblage 23, Imperative
Reaction, Blaqk Audio, Anything Box, Cause & Effect, System Syn, Alter Der Ruine,
Information Society, Covenant, The Frozen Autumn, New Order, and Seven Red
Innocence - Evaporate - Devotion

2002 to 2003

Provision self-released their first E.P. Innocence in March 2002. It was limited to 100
copies. 65 copies were sold at Gothcon 2002, the night it was released. It sold out in
May 2002, only having been out 2 months; with the only distribution being through
Live Provision shows.

Label interest to release Provision's Debut Album was high in Early 2002. But a
problem arose in the release schedules offered, and the existing offers on the table,
would not deliver the official release into the hands of the public until the end of the
year; or early 2003. Provision turned down pending offers with 3 Independent Record
Labels, and the decision was made to Self Release their Debut album Evaporate on
May 31, 2002; the day before Provision performed in Los Angeles at Synthcon 2002.
Just 2 days later, Provision won "Best New U.S. Artist" in the American Synthpop
Awards; thus solidifying their name and sound in the Synthpop community.

Evaporate was mastered by Mark Reynolds of the Synthpop band Red Flag, who had
Moderate Mainstream Success in the Late 80's and Early 90's Synthpop and Electronic
Dance Scenes. Red Flag was known for their edgy brand of Synthpop and had
multiple songs remixed by Razormaid.

Provision's debut album quickly drew comparisons to Cetu Javu, Information Society,
Anything Box, Moskwa T.V., and Camouflage; as the album burst onto nightclub and
independent radio playlists. Evaporate showcased the Provision message and sound
through intense vocals, intricate analog programming, and expressive percussion.
Mark Reynolds of Red Flag called Evaporate "The album Red Flag could have put out
after Naive Art".

With Evaporate, an album of love, heartache, and emotional dance floor energy was
born. Tracks such as My Only Question, Breathe, Sacrifice, and December Morning
have dominated numerous club, college and independent radio D.J.'s play lists since
its release; and continue to be spun to this day.

In March 2003 - Provision embarked on their Evaporate U.S. Tour, and self-released
their 2nd E.P. Devotion. Limited to only 100 copies, just over 80 Devotion E.P.'s were
sold in only 2 weeks on the road. By mid-2003 Provision had completed 1 national and
2 regional U.S tours in support of Evaporate and Devotion. The initial pressing of
Evaporate sold out in early 2004, due to Provision's relentless self-promotion and
performances during their Liberation (Regional) and Evaporate U.S. Tours where they
quickly gained the attention of larger electronic record labels in the U.S. and abroad.
With multiple offers on the table to release their 2nd album, the band proudly signed
with U.S. Synthpop Record Label - A Different Drum; in late 2003.
Visualize - Could've Had It All

2004 to 2005

In November 2003, Provision was honored to license their 2nd Album Visualize for
release with U.S. Synthpop Record Label - A Different Drum. The album was recorded
over the course of 4 months in Houston, Texas and released on September 3, 2004.

Visualize was released as a 2 C.D. Limited Edition featuring a 2nd disc with remixes,
and the B-Sides "Insecurity" and "Replicate". Picking up where Evaporate had ended,
Visualize expanded on Provision's signature sound.

A Different Drum released the single E.P. Could've Had It All from Visualize, which
included remixes by Daybehavior, B!Machine, and Ultraviolet. Also included were the
B-Sides "Tragedy" and "In November".

Performing tracks from their 2nd album Visualize, along with hits from their debut
album Evaporate; Provision once again took their music to the masses. With their self
booked, self promoted, 2 month U.S. Tour in December 2004 / January 2005 Provision
took the U.S. by storm. Visualize continued to make waves as reviews, interviews,
and DJ's playlists justified what was called Provision's best work ever.
The Consequence - Ideal Warfare

2006 to 2007

Retaining serious band members who wanted to tour, write, contribute, and be a part
of Provision full-time; hindered Provision's progress. Despite the trials and
tribulations the band faced, Provision realized this happens to many bands. With each
hurdle they overcame, they grew stronger and more determined than before. In the
first 5 years of Provision's existence, there had been more than a handful of
tragedies that made Breye question the future of the band.

In Breye's words... "When Keyboardist / Vocalist Matt Coker left in 2001, it was the
goal of finishing Evaporate that kept us going. When we had to let Alex Virlios go in
August of 2003, it was Carlos Covarrubias and a record contract from A Different Drum
that saved us. When Carlos moved away in August of 2004, and the announcement by
Leslie Hyman that she would not be able to do most of the U.S. Tour in support of
Visualize, it was the offer from Jen Foxx (Kiser) and Randon Harris to join the band
for our upcoming U.S. Tour; that made me move forward."

Provision lost founding member Leslie Hyman in September 2005, due to demanding
career and lifestyle changes; that no longer allowed her to be a part of the magic she
helped create.

After Leslie's departure, Jen and Breye worked on new material. And it was inevitable
that The Consequence would become the third chapter of the Provision story. Breye
wrote the last track on The Consequence - "Everytime" about Leslie, when she took
her leave of absence from the band to start her medical career.

September 2005 became the most uncertain time ever as Breye questioned the
release of Provision's upcoming 3rd album. After moving back to Houston in the fall,
Carlos Covarrubias rejoined Provision. In consulting with several personal advisers,
and seeing that Jen Foxx (Kiser) and Carlos Covarrubias were now at the foundation
of Provision's Future with Breye; the decision to begin recording The Consequence
was solidified.

In November 2005, Provision had 2 label offers on the table to release their upcoming
3rd album. But due to label finances, were looking at a release delay until late 2006.
After much consideration regarding the future of Provision's albums and how it's
releases had been handled in the past, the band decided to pass on both pending
offers. Breye formed new U.S. Electronic Label - Section 44 Records with fellow U.S.
Electronic / Synthpop bands Tristraum, and Eloquent. Provision entered Red Square
Digital in November 2005 to begin recording. The album was completed on New
Year's Eve, with the song "Trust" being the final track recorded that day. Provision
officially released their 3rd album The Consequence worldwide on March 11, 2006.

The Consequence was revered by many fans, DJ's, reviewers, and fellow electronic
artists; as Provision's most mature and polished album to date. C.D. Release Party /
Performance shows followed in Houston, TX at the Legendary Numbers Nightclub;
and in San Antonio, TX at The Venue. Former keyboardist and percussionist Randon
Harris returned to the band, after the Official C.D. Release in Houston. Live shows to
support The Consequence throughout the spring and summer of 2006 followed. The
band's final live show of 2006 was in Salt Lake City at A Different Drum's 2K6 Synthpop
Music Festival; where they released the E.P. "Ideal Warfare" on September 2, 2006.

The E.P. included the Singles "Ideal" & "Perversions of Conventional Warfare" from
The Consequence, and included remixes by Rename, Tristraum, CTRL, DJ Dissent,
People Theatre, Marcus Fellechner, System Syn, Back And To The Left, Asmodeus X,
Blind Faith & Envy, Null Device, Cloudless, and Unitcode:Machine, running the gamut
of Electronic styles from Progressive Dance, Synthpop, House and Industrial; to
Trance, Electro, Powernoise and D&B.

The End

For 6 years straight (2001–2006) Provision was widely known in the U.S. for delivering
live shows with incredible energy, frequency, and winning new fans wherever they
performed. During this time Provision released 3 albums, 4 E.P.'s, appeared on
numerous compilations; and produced multiple remixes for other electronic artists.
Provision toured the U.S. twice for the albums Evaporate and Visualize, and
continued to gain exposure for their numerous regional tours in support of their 2
limited edition E.P.'s.

Following almost 6 years of non stop performances, writing and recording, early 2007
saw the members of Provision; finally taking a well deserved a break. This time was
also important for band members to work on personal musical endeavors such as
Randon's band P for Flamingo's, and Carlos's solo project Straynge. In mid-2007 -
Despite upcoming shows with Assemblage 23, The Echoing Green, and talk of a new
single and album by years end; Breye's discussions with each band member
eventually led to the ending of the band.

In September 2007, the line up of Breye, Jen, Carlos, and Randon Harris; amicably
disbanded as Provision. After a year of no activity from any of the members in the
band, the decision was made so the individual members could focus on solo
endeavors; and spend time with their families.

2008 to 2009

In August 2008 Joel 313 of Asmodeus X approached Breye 7x during a CTRL show at
Elysium in Austin, TX with regard to working together on new music. After 3 months of
toying with the idea of doing new music and performing live again, Breye held 2
private meetings in December 2008 at Provision's recording studio - Red Square
Digital in Houston, Texas with Joel 313 (Schafer) of Asmodeus X, and Matt Willis of
Splendor Projekt; regarding the formation of a new band.

On January 5, 2009 - Breye, Joel, and Matt held their first official rehearsal, and
decided unanimously against moving forward as a New Band; and to proceed forward
instead as Provision. Their official comeback show was performed on August 1, 2009
@ Scout Bar in Houston, TX with well known U.K. Synthpop act When In Rome.
Provision continued to perform Live until the end of the year, opening for multiple
established acts such as The Hunger, Christopher Anton (Information Society), Erase
The Virus, DJ Hans 242, CTRL, Program 88, and Vertigo Blue; while writing their 4th full
length L.P. to be released in 2010.

On January 16, 2010, Joel 313 (Schafer) stated that he was "Calling it quits" and he
officially left Provision. As there was no falling out or warnings of his impending
departure, remaining members Breye 7x (Kiser) and Matt Willis, could only assume by
his exact wording; that Joel would no longer be pursuing music in his life. On January
26, 2010, former Provision member Jen 'Skully' Kiser officially rejoined Provision.
Having already written lyrics for half of the new songs being performed by Provision
when they re-formed in 2009, her return as a full-time member was imminent.
Triad Era

2010 to 2012

Paradigm Shift

The new line up of Breye '7x' Kiser, Jen 'Skully' Kiser, and Matt 'Maddy" Willis as
Provision, performed numerous Live shows in the Spring and Summer of 2010,
including high-profile shows with Angels on Acid, Assemblage 23, Anything Box, and
Christopher Anton (Information Society) among others. The next 3 years and 2 albums
to follow by this line up would be known as the "Triad Era" of the band.

Provision entered their studio Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas on August 25,
2010 to record their 4th Full Length L.P. Paradigm Shift which was released worldwide
on November 20, 2010.

Provision entered 2011 having released their 4th album, and the first live
performance of the year was their Official C.D. Release Party in Dallas, TX at The
House of Blues with former Columbia Records Artist and Texas Synthpop Legends "T-
4-2". Provision continued to perform live throughout the rest of the year, with many
well known acts such as Clan of Xymox, Anything Box, Christopher Anton (Information
Society), //TENSE//, X1stance, and Post Faction.

Provision was Officially Nominated in 2011 for "Best Electronic Band" in the Houston
Press Music Awards.

A New Revolution

Provision kicked off 2012 with a live performance in Dallas, TX, opening once again
for T-4-2 at the famous Prophet Bar. The set list for this show included a brand new
song called "Image of You" performed live for the first time ever. Breye dedicated it
to Jay Gillian of T-4-2 who had caught a rehearsal of the song during sound check,
and stated "I really like this! It's catchy, with a nice groove. This is going to be a Hit!"

On April 30, 2012, Provision began recording their 5th full length L.P. - A New
Revolution at Red Square Digital in Houston, TX. Official Recording sessions were
completed on August 12, 2012. Mixdown and Post Production were done proactively
while the album was recorded, which was a first for Provision. On August 20, 2012, the
band chose longtime Provision fan and friend Dan Guenther of Blind Faith & Envy,
(AKA: Dan Vc of Vein Collector) to master “A New Revolution”.

A New Revolution was released worldwide on October 11, 2012 - 10/11/12.

As per tradition, Provision's Official C.D. Release Party was at the Legendary Numbers
Nightclub in Houston, TX on October 16, 2012 where they shared the stage with
Espermachine, and Assemblage 23.

In early December 2012, after 9 years of writing, recording, performing live, and
touring, Jen 'Skully' Kiser made the decision to retire from Provision; effectively
ending the Triad Era of Provision with Matt and Breye.

2013 to 2016

In 2013, Breye and Matt were joined by Carlos Covarrubias who returned to Provision
as their Live Bassist.

Provision kicked off 2013 performing in San Antonio, TX with Dawn of the Phoenix,
and in Houston with CYLAB; and were honored to be chosen as a performer at
Convergence XIX (19) in Austin, TX on April 19. In May, Provision was once again
Nominated for "Best Electronic Band" in the Houston Press Music Awards; followed
by a live performance in Houston with CTRL, and Cynergy 67 on their current U.S.
Tour that month. Provision continued to perform through the summer across Texas
and shared stages with Souless Affection, Dawn of the Phoenix, Echo Over Voices,
and Christopher Anton.

In November, Provision was honored to open for The Frozen Autumn in San Antonio,
Texas on their first ever U.S. Tour. Provision ended the year with 2 shows in
December. The first with Low Technicians in San Antonio, and their final performance
of 2013 on New Year's Eve in Houston, Texas with Christopher Anton; where Breye
also performed with Christopher Anton on Electronic Percussion and Backing Vocals.
Provision was joined on both of these December shows by Brent Lee (Ex-The Abyss,
Ex-Opulent) playing Live Rhythm and Lead Guitar.

Provision performed its first live show of 2014 on June 7, in Houston, Texas sharing
the stage with Erase the Virus; and Wax Trax Legends - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.
The band continued to perform live shows in Texas and Oklahoma from 2014 to 2016,
sharing the stage with Torque Order, SubNatural, Helltrash, Decoded Feedback, A
Flock of Seagulls, Mr. Kitty, Obscured By Echos, Shadow Fashion, Covenant, The
Labyrinth, En Esch (KMFDM, Pigface), Ghostfeeder, Adoration Destroyed, Seabound,
and NITE.

January 2016 saw Matt and Breye in the studio going over new Provision tracks, and
the promise of a new album seemed bright. In March 2016, the band performed Live
in Austin, Texas at SXSW / South By Southwest.

On March 27, 2016, Keyboardist and Vocalist - Matt Willis, officially resigned from
Provision. A letter to the fans was posted in his online blog. His official reasoning to
Breye in person, was stated as "To pursue other goals and dreams". The following
day, Live Bassist - Carlos Covarrubias, officially resigned from the band in an email to
Breye. He posted a goodbye letter on Facebook on Monday, March 28, 2016. His
reason for leaving as stated in his letter to Breye was that “His plate is overflowing,
and he no longer has time to perform live with the band”.

Provision's Official Website was updated on April 11, 2016, to reflect the departures
of Matt and Carlos from the band; and Breye's feelings regarding the potential
demise of Provision. On April 21, 2016, Breye 7x left Houston, Texas and traveled
across the U.S. on a self described "Spirit Journey" to find clarity; and to heal. Upon
his return home, an Official Statement was posted on Provision's Facebook page on
April 29, 2016, stating that Breye had made the decision to move forward with
Legacy Era

2016 to Present

On June 25, 2016, in a post to the Official Facebook page Breye 7x announced that
"Provision is Officially Back!!", and will celebrate this return; with their First Ever Live
Show in El Paso, Texas on July 23, 2016 at the Mesa Music Hall with Mankind is
Obsolete, AL1CE; and Dream Disorder. This show will be the Official Debut of the New
Lineup for Provision.

On July 6, 2016, in a post to the Official Provision Facebook page, the New Official
Lineup for Provision, Featuring Breye 7x and Ian Sol; was announced. A new promo
photo and logo were posted along with the worldwide announcement.